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Upper School: 6th-8th Grade

What SCB students learn–and the methods our teachers use to teach it–are designed to empower students with rich knowledge, awaken their curiosity about the wonders of our world, and unlock opportunities long after eighth grade.

The mission of schools is to develop a sense of truth, of what is good and beautiful.


In a time when great books are increasingly rare subjects of study in schools, our  Reading Reconsidered curriculum challenges students to become better readers and writers through a selection of rich and diverse novels, plays, short stories, and memoirs. 

Authors our students read include:

  • Lorraine Hansberry
  • Malala Yousefzai
  • Frederick Douglass
  • John Steinbeck
  • William Shakespeare
  • Harper Lee

Teaching content is teaching reading.


We put every student on the path to Algebra 1 in eighth grade, which enables them to access advanced math and science courses in high school and beyond.


We also incorporate TACHS exam prep in students’ weekly schedule in the fall of their 8th grade year.

Our students also dig into science from their youngest years through graduation, using textual study and hands-on application to gain the knowledge and skills that are the crucial foundation for advanced study of science.

The more productive struggle, the more the brain grows.


We see the person and their potential

Our high school readiness initiatives inspire students to maximize their gifts and craft a vision for their future, providing them the resources and knowledge to become confident and capable leaders, within our school and beyond. Our program includes personalized guidance for each student to find high school options that best fit their academic ability and  interests, informative events such as high school fairs, access to external enrichment programs, and assistance applying to high schools and navigating the financial aid process.

The graduating class of 2023 secured nearly $1.5 million in scholarships and financial aid to their chosen high schools, and matriculated to some of the best secondary schools in the nation.